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There’s more to tennis than picking the winner.  If you like the idea of having as many betting options as possible, this page outlines all the ways to bet on tennis and a breakdown of the tennis betting markets available at each sportsbook.

Tennis Betting Markets

Every sportsbook listed on this site offers Money Line betting markets (who will win the match) for every major pro tennis match on the ATP and WTA tours including the Grand Slam events.  That however, is where the consistency ends in terms of what betting markets are offered and which events are covered.  Some of the sportsbooks cover the more obscure events like the Challenger Cup or ITF events held around the World.  To see what events get covered, it is best to read our individual tennis betting site reviews.  

Furthermore, beyond the most common Money Line tennis betting market, there are dozens of other potential ways to bet on tennis, but every single sportsbook offers a different mix of betting markets.  The purpose of this page is to teach you about all the different ways you may bet on tennis.  Each of these ways is referred to as a ‘betting market.’  After explaining how these tennis betting markets work, you will see an indication of which sites offer that particular market.  The bigger the match, the more of these markets will be offered.

Futures or Outright Winners: If you want to bet on the winner of a tournament, like Wimbledon or the US Open, you want to look for futures or outright bets.  Usually the Grand Slams are available at most of the top tennis betting sites listed below, but you may also find them for regular tour events.  You can view the odds to win these majors as listed below:

Australian Open outright winner odds

French Open outright winner odds

Wimbledon outright winner odds

US Open outright winner odds

Handicap tennis betting:  This concept is similar to what you find in sports like basketball or American football where a point spread is set as a handicap between two opponents so that the odds between the two potential outcomes are similar if not exactly the same.  In the case of tennis, rather than points there are three main handicap variations.  

The main of these is the 2-way Games Won Handicap (often simply called ‘handicap’).  So for example you might see this expressed as Player A - 9.5 at 1.95  Player B +9.5 at 1.89.  To figure out the result, we total number of games won by each opponent at the end of the match.  Assuming a best-of-five, in a match that ends 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, the total games score between the two opponents (A vs B) is 18 to 9.  Although the the favourite won the match, by winning only by 9 games, they did not win enough against the 9.5 game handicap.  Thus the winner for this wager would have been the underdog, or Player B at +9.5 games at 1.89.   

Another Variation of this is the 3-way Games Won Handicap.  In this case, the handicap will be an even number, as opposed to ending in 0.5.  This thus allows for a potential tie result.  In keeping with the above 2-way example, if the handicap was set to be +or-9 games, the tie would be the winning outcome.   

The last variation of tennis handicap betting is Set Handicap Betting.  In such a case you would wager on players to win their match by plus or minus 0.5, 1.5 or 2.5 sets.  So for example, if Rafael Nadal is favoured to win a match with a Set Handicap of -2.5.  Nadal would need to win 3-0 for a bet on him to pay out.  If his opponent wins a single set, Nadal will not have covered the handicap and the opponent would have earned bettors the win.  How does this work.  The Handicap simply means Nadal essentially starts the match with -2.5 sets.  We add up the sets after the match is over and whomever has the most sets is the winner.  The opponent won one set, starting at zero, Nadaal won 3, starting at -2.5.  This makes the final score opponent 1, Nadal 0.5.   

Total Games Markets: Simply bet on how many games you think will be played over the course of a given match.  You can bet on the 2-way games market, which is purely and over or under handicap will end in 0.5.  You bet over or under the set handicap.  You can also bet on 3-way total game markets.  This simply adds a middle range of games as a third choice.  So for example, in a best-of-five set match you might have three choices as follows:  Under 33 games.  33 to 38 games.  Over 38 games.  

Set Betting Markets:  Most available, you may bet on the set score for the match.  For example 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 for one opponent, or 3-0, 3-1, 3-2 for the other opponent.  This can also be called ‘Match Correct Score’.  With some sportsbooks, you may be able to bet on whether or not one of the opponents will win or will not win any set within the given match.

1st Set Markets: If you think you know how your match of interest will kickoff, there are a lot of available 1st set betting markets.  Bet on who will win the 1st set.  Bet on the total number of games in the first set (over or under).  Bet on the first set game score, also known as the Scorecast.  For example; will the 1st set end 7-6, 7-5, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 or 6-0 and which opponent wins it.

2nd Set Markets: At some sportsbooks all the 1st set betting markets listed above are also listed for the 2nd set.

Tie Break Markets: Enjoy the drama of a tie-break?  You can bet on whether or not there will be one in a given set, or in the entire match.

Double Result Markets: Double results would be “X player to win the first set and win the match.”  In other words, the player must achieve two goals for you to win the bet.

Service game betting: In a given set, for a given service game, you have the option to bet if the opponent will hold serve, or be broken.

Tennis Specials: A select few sportsbooks will offer markets that are harder to find.  An example might be the duration of a match in minutes on which you may wager on the over or under against a given minute duration handicap.  You may also be able to bet on the number of service aces a player might have during a given match.  In this case, the sportsbook would set a handicap and you would bet over or under this figure.  Some Specials are similar to Futures.  Rather than simple choosing the player that will win a tournament as in an outright bet, the Special might ask: Will ‘x’ player win the Australian Open and you can bet on yes or no.

Below, you will read about the notable tennis betting markets available at each sportsbook beyond the ubiquitous Match Money Line bets.

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Australian Open women outright winner odds

French Open women outright winner odds

Wimbledon women outright winner odds

US Open women outright winner odds