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Entropay as a sportsbook banking method and the top tennis betting sites that accept Entropay.

Entropay is a Virtual Pre-paid Visa card, hence it is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.  Some sportsbooks explicitly state that they accept Entropay, others simply indicate that they accept Visa.  If one accepts Visa, by definition they also accept Entropay.  All of the best tennis betting sites accept Entropay.

Just so you understand how it works, once you open your free Entropay account, you will then be able to create and manage multiple Virtual Visa card numbers from within your Entropay account.  

About: EntroPay offers a payment method that eliminates the hassle of sending and receiving payments online. As the first virtual prepaid card introduced first in Europe, EntroPay encourages use from those previously unwilling or unable to spend online and has become the preferred payment method of an ever-expanding group of global consumers.   EntroPay maintains the highest standards in fraud detection and account security. as their parent company, Ixaris Systems Ltd is certified by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) to issue electronic money for EntroPay.

What is the benefit of using Entropay as a Virtual Pre-paid Visa Card over a traditional debit or credit card?

Anonymity: When you make a payment to Entropay, “Entropay” or “Ixaris Systems” will be listed on your bank account or credit card statement for the listed line item transaction.  If you use your bank account or credit card with the sportsbook directly, your card statement will show exactly where the payment was directed, that being an online sportsbook company.  Additionally, if you intend to register with several sportsbooks, using Entropay means you only need to share your details once with them rather than your bank or personal credit card details with every betting provider you select.

Flexibility: Load your Entropay account with your debit card, credit card or bank account.

Fast: Deposits are instantaneous with debit and credit and within 7 days if via bank transfer.  Once your Entropay Virtual Card is created and funded, it is just as fast as any credit card transaction - instantaneous.

No Credit Check: As this is a pre-paid solution, you get the benefit of being able to pay where ever Visa is accepted without having to go through the credit check process of actually trying to obtain a Visa Card.

Entropay Fee Structure

Free to open an EntroPay Account

Free to Create EntroPay Virtual Visa Cards from within your Entropay account

Free to spend from your Entropay card.

4.95% to load an EntroPay Virtual Visa card from a personal credit or debit card

3.95% to load an EntroPay Virtual Visa card from a bank account transfer + whatever charges from your bank for the transfer

1.95% to receive money from a sportsbook (or merchant) onto an EntroPay Virtual Card

£0.10 to transfer funds between EntroPay Virtual Cards  

£3.00 to return/withdraw money to a personal credit or debit card from your Entropay Virtual Card

Free to destroy an EntroPay Virtual Visa

Find the particular Entropay details, deposit and withdrawal limits (where available) for each sportsbook below in GBP, limits in other currencies will approximate the exchanged equivalent :