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The ultimate resource for tennis betting fans around the world, working to ensure that you select a betting site that provides service in your currency, to residents of your country and focuses on tennis with great odds and lots of ways to bet.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

The different ways to bet on tennis

Each of the best tennis betting sites listed above are displayed along side five important factors in selecting an online sportsbook with regard to having the best tennis betting experience.  First, you’ll read the number of tennis betting markets that are available for most major matches.  The term ‘tennis betting markets’ is another way of expressing the ways to bet on tennis.  This does not refer to betting on a particular tournament like Wimbledon or the French Open, but rather the ways you may bet on each particular match.  All our listed sportsbooks cover all four major tournaments, the men’s and women’s tour events, and Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions.  A lot of people are simply interested in betting on winners (aka the moneyline), but there are numerous other ways to wager on tennis. provides an explanation for these betting markets and which sportsbooks offer these markets so you’ll know which provider covers the markets in which you are interested.

Tennis odds margins determine your value proposition

The Tennis Odds Margins indicate the range of sportsbook revenue margin built into the odds on the main betting markets for tennis such as a moneyline wager where you simply pick the match winner.  This margin is expressed as a percentage.  Lower margins mean more money is returned to you through your winnings over time.  Margins are not uniformly offered across all sports nor all betting markets within a sport by the given sportsbook companies.  You can read more about tennis betting odds margins to learn what is on offer for other tennis markets by each company.  You will also read about Other Sports Margins, to see what other value is on offer should you decide you’d like to bet on other sports.

Betting during a live tennis match gives you more control

Tennis is very much a sport of momentum.  One player can be ahead, momentum can shift, and the opponent can come back to win.  In the best matches, momentum is traded often.  If you enjoy following matches live, and even betting live, you know that almost all major sportsbooks allow for live in-play betting and this is the case with all those listed above.  However, there is a new feature offered by a select few sportsbooks that allow you to have more control over your bets as you monitor match momentum.  The Early bet cash out features provides a way to settle your bets before the match itself is complete so you may hedge against a complete loss of your stake or accept a reduced win amount before a match is complete should you see momentum shifting and wish to take at least partial profits.  Read more about early bet cash out feature and which companies offer this innovative tool.

A mobile tennis betting grade gives you an idea of how robust the betting and account administration is through a company’s mobile platforms, whether through a mobile site or mobile applications.  All of the companies listed above offer a great mobile offering in terms of being able to bet on all the same tennis markets as you would through your computer.  The biggest differences in their offerings comes in being able to process deposits, withdrawals and other account changes through the mobile platforms.  The more of this that is available leads to a better grade.   Grades of about a ‘B’ indicates that account and banking administration issues are generally processed while accessing your account through typical online access with your computer.

Bonuses and free bet offers can be a good way to get started

Oftentimes, new customers are interested in the bonuses or free bet offers available to them as an incentive for signing up.  For the most part, since these companies are international, deal in many currencies and target different markets, their approach to offering bonuses often varies from country to country.  To view the bonus that applies to you, you may want to read about the sportsbooks that serve your country and currency of interest.  Each tennis betting site review also lists the excluded player countries so you won’t waste your time trying to register with a site that has excluded customers from your country.  

If you believe you’ll be betting and winning enough to test the limits of a sportsbook with your tennis wagers, it makes sense to understand if your sportsbook of choice will be able to handle your action.  Sportsbooks define their limits one of two ways; betting limits and winning limits.  Most set a winning limit based on how much you can win in a given day by betting on particular sport.  The limits on tennis betting vary widely.  To find out if your sportsbook of interest can accept your action, read about high-limit tennis betting.  

Top tennis betting sites offer great control in how you bet and how you bank.

If you enjoy permutations or multiples betting, you might like the option of using a ‘bankers’ feature.  This feature simply allows you to refine your multiple tennis bet combinations quickly so that all wagers only include the selections that you feel strongest about.  Every sportsbook allows you to make these kinds of permutation bets, but the bankers feature simply allows you to place these bets in a quicker fashion.  Learn more about the bankers feature and the sportsbooks that offer it.

In choosing your online sportsbook, you may find it helpful to learn about the supported banking methods and which sportsbooks accept each of the most popular methods, especially if you may already have one or more of these methods available at your disposal.  You can also check on this through our various tennis betting site reviews where we also list the excluded player countries for each company so you can be sure you can in fact register with your company of choice.





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Reasonable odds.  Solid platform.  Ireland’s biggest bookmaker brand.

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Tennis, governed by the International Tennis Federation, or ITF,  is one of the most wagered-upon sports in the World due to the one-on-one nature of the sport.  There are simply less variables to analyze as compared to other sports.  With tennis, you can consider the surface, the head-to-head historical player match-up, recent form, the recent past schedules, and the schedules-to-come in preparation for a major.  If you really know tennis, it is thought that it is possible to find more value in tennis betting odds than almost any other sport.

If you’re an experienced tennis bettor, you know this already.  However most sportsbooks are known for how they cover the more traditionally popular team sports like soccer or American football.  If you intend to bet on tennis, it helps to know how the best sportsbooks in the world approach tennis coverage with their ATP odds and WTA odds.  Below are the 10 best tennis betting sites regardless of your location.  Browse our lists above as they apply to your country of residence and currency of choice or any other of our resources to help you get started.